Friday, February 1, 2013

Top Frog Music artist:George Kilby Jr. - Six Pack - New Release Review

I just received a new release, Six Pack, by George Kilby Jr. Joining Kilby on this set of 6 tracks is Neil Thomas (keys, accordion), Eric Halvorson (drums), Arturo Baguer (bass)and Jono Manson (guitar and backing vocals). This release has a strong contemporary pop country flavor. The first track, When The People Sang, has a lighthearted feel not a lot unlike Jimmy Buffet. This track could easily get strong airplay. I Love You In Brooklyn, another strongly earthy track has nice vocal harmonies and again a strong melody line. Something I Can't Find steps up the tempo a little and actually puts me in mind a little of Arlo Guthrie but still remaining true to Kilby's own sound. A surprise track on this release is Cream's Sunshine Of Your Love. Kilby gives this track a bluegrass like makeover with acoustic guitars, dobro and banjo. Interesting take on a traditional rock track. Another heavy hitting pop track, Cro- Magnon Man, has a strong hook that could easily be out of the Pretenders songbook but again not straying far from the roots of country. The final track, You Never See The Hand Throw The Stone, has a bit more of a blues twist but of course with a country delivery. This is a cool little track with sweet harp work by Phil Wiggins and harmony vocal sounding a lot like Ry Cooder recordings. Overall this recording should do very well commercially.

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