Thursday, February 7, 2013

Reflections on a Blues Town

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Orange County Welcomes Ben Payton
Ben Peyton
Blues Past & Present In Hillsborough
As we welcome new artist Ben Payton to our homebase of Hillsborough this month, Tim reflects on the musical center that is Orange County, NC. We're so happy that Ben will be living close by, and that he can take advantage of the local musical history, music fans and performance opportunities. Tim touches on the evolution of music in Orange County here.

Elder Anderson Johnson
Tim Wet Plate
Drink Small
Diggin': "If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again"
Aaron says about Elder Anderson Johnson's track "I'm pretty sure I've never heard anybody play like him." Read more and listen to the track here.

Tim to Lecture at Burwell School
Tim is presenting a lecture on Roots music and the origins of Music Maker in Hillsborough, NC on 2/21.  
Learn more here

Keep up with Music Maker's gigs
See who's playing in your area! You never know when a Music Maker artist will be rolling through your town. Check out the Tour Calendar.

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