Thursday, February 21, 2013

"Music Maker Signifier" Debuts!

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Music Maker Signifier Launched!
Tim & Guitar Gabe - Kevin Hoppe
Photo by Kevin Hoppe
Check out our new blog!
The Music Maker Signifier has launched! Music Maker's new blog written by staff, friends, fans and musicians will bring you original, interesting content with a dash of signature Music Maker humor every Tuesday and Friday.

Why is it called the Signifier, you ask? Tim says "Signifyin'" is a slang word developed from a folk trickster character in African-American culture called the Signifying Monkey. It can mean bragging, boasting, or gossiping, and Wikipedia (via Gena Dagel Caponi) says it can also mean "a way of demonstrating respect for, goading or poking fun at a musical style, process, or practice." Guitar Gabe used that word so often that it really was the only choice for a blog name. Read our first posts here! 

Ironing Board Sam
Ironing Board Sam
Drink Small
Video Diggin': "Cherry Pie"
Aaron comments on Ironing Board Sam performing "Cherry Pie" at The Hamilton in DC. Check out this rare Video Diggin' here!
Ironing Board Sam in ATL after over a decade!

Ironing Board Sam is part of the "Kings of the Keyboards" event at Blind Willie's in Atlanta March 1st and 2nd! Click here for more info. 
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