Tuesday, February 12, 2013

D Bomb Records artist - Ray Cashman - Rough and Tumble South - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Rough and Tumble South, by Ray Cashman. The release opens with Food Song, a great juke track with a strong rhythm and back beat. This is simple, raw and fun with Cashman on vocal and guitar, Davis Coen on guitar, Grace Askew on backing vocal John Estes on bass and Adam Verone on drums. A more laid back country style track, Simple Life, opens with Ollie Oshen on fiddle and the song is delivered in it's simplest form describing the merits of slowing down. Nobody But You has a definite swamp rock bottom with a great groove. A droning guitar part with a more melodic bass gives Cashman's raw vocals a perfect stage for breathing. I really like this track... let's call it power swamp. Feeling No Pain has a distinct dixieland flavor with the addition of a little banjo by Cashman and some real cool trombone work from Diego Vasquez. Mudbugs is a bit more uptempo and a blend between Appalachian and Cajun style with and rural instrumentation specifically plucked banjo and rural style fiddling. Moving Fast opens with a really nice distorted guitar riff and then develops into more of a countrified rock track with a heavy organ on the bottom. Evangeline is a real smooth bluegrass track with open 5 string banjo picking and acoustic guitar strumming accompanying Cashman on vocals. Another cool track. Skin opens with some really cool distorted guitar work developing into a simple country style rock track. Holcomb Roll opens with light brush work on snare drum and acoustic slide guitar for a really simple rural sound. This is another of my favorite tracks and a nice contrast to Devil and I, a heavier sounding track with raw guitars sound and fiddle played in more of an ethereal manner. There are some really cool riffs here going where you wouldn't ordinarily expect giving the track more interest. Turn The Key completes the set in a regular bluegrass fashion. This is a nice simple track with fiddle, guitar and vocal. This is a very enjoyable rural sounding release without a lot of the pretense often built into a super stud recording. Nice job!

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