Thursday, February 21, 2013

Blue Corn Music artist: Hadden Sayers - Rolling Soul - New Release Review

I just received the newest release (release date February 26, 2013), Rolling Soul, from Hadden Sayers and I really like it. Doesn't seem too long ago that I was saying that this was going to be a good year for music and so far it's been great! This is another really strong release. Opening with Don't Take Your Love (Out On Me), Sayers lays the ground work for a very snappy blues infused R&B style set. This track is strongly rhythmic and has cool guitar riffs pushed by solid drums by Tony McClung. Something Wrong In The World is a classic R&B track and sounds like it could have been written by Al Green. Excellent! This track is strong enough to carry the release alone! Want What You Have is based on Wang Dang Doodle or You Don't Love Me with a rock twist. Alone With The Blues opens with Sayers on soulful vocal and heavily delayed/reverbed guitar. This is a really cool track has a certain polish in it's stripped down state. Sayers takes time out on this track for a nice guitar solo. Lay Down Your Worries is another track with a stepping R&B rhythm trading vocal lead and harmonies with Ruthie Foster. The Man I'm Supposed To Be is a well constructed country style ballad. Crazy Enough is a bright jazzy track that could capture a totally different market. Unlucky is a two step country style track with a lot of piano  along with Sayres on guitar. Sayers breaks into the very cool, Insomniac Blues, blending the charms of Ray Charles with his own personal style on vocal and guitar. Frye lays down some nice piano work on this track as well but it's Sayers vocals in particular that really shine. Can't Get You Off My Mind is a funky track with a southern twist. Using a talking lyric style and playing slide guitar, this is a happy go lucky track and a cool ending to a really cool recording. “Like” Bman’s Facebook page. I use Facebook to spread the word about my blog (Now with translation in over 50 languages). I will not hit you with 50 posts a day. I will not relay senseless nonsense. I use it only to draw attention to some of the key posts on my blog each day. In this way I can get out the word on new talent, venues and blues happenings! - click Here


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